Design your dream log cabin… 3

…or make your room look like one with one (or two, or many) of these awesome throw pillows. Leave behind all these flowers, stripes and geometric shapes and turn to something both natural and unexpected!

wood by kuchenbecker
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Twisted Colourful Wood Throw Pillow
Twisted Colourful Wood Throw Pillow by Hakonart
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Vintage floral iphone 5 cases

Vintage and retro designs are the new trend. The beautiful, calming elegance of this designs provide a nice contrast with hectic modern way of life and help us to step aside and relax a bit. And since most people are apparently unable to part with their cellphones, let this beautiful cases help them to regain their inner peace.

Surely, it’s only a modest example of a gorgeous plenty of vintage floral designs and patterns on Zazzle – COME TO SEE MORE!

by silvianeto
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by In_case
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by GrafixMom
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by EnKore
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by MaggieMart
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by girly_paradise
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by GrafixMom
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by Tannaidhe
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by ToastedPixels
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Old peeling paint on concrete wall – more unusual iphone cases from Zazzle

Exactly as I said – more unusual and uncommon iphone cases. This is what Zazzle actually is: a place where you can find (or create) unique products to surprise your friends or to show your personality. When most people look for pretty, or nice, or cute, I invite you to browse this selection of iphone 4 and iphone 5 cases in hope that you’ll find here something that will surely help you to stand out.

by ArtInEverything
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by PKphotos
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by hildurbjorg
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by whydesign
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by YANKAdesigns
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by cutencomfy
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by NJSize7
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by Kreatr
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New product on Zazzle! Faux leather wallets for men and women.

The holiday season is coming, and it’s about time when we all are going to pull out our wallets and do it again and again. No one can escape it, but if we really have to draw our wallets, let’s do it in style!
Well, Zazzle again comes to our help inserting new product few weeks before holiday rush – meet the beautiful customizable wallets! I decided to browse the faux leather ones because they look great and aren’t expensive, but there are nylon, denim and real leather kinds for you to choose right on the product page. And yes, one more thing before we begin – no, I didn’t check all available wallets for you, there were 280 pages and growing, but I did my best to bring you the cream of the pages that I did check. Behold beautiful wallets, vintage wallets, cute wallets, cat wallets, funny bridal wallets, spiritual wallets but most of all – unusual, uncommon, one of a kind faux leather wallets!

by FromTheHip
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by strangeling
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by cardart
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by ScarfParty
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by GrafixMom
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by PizzaRiia
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by GrafixMom
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by PizzaRiia
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by FromTheHip
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by insimalife
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by laly_sb
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by txcowboydancer
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by YANKAdesigns
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And here’s the bonus for all of you who reached the end of this post:

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Classic Zen unusual, unexpected and unique iPhone 5/5S cases

by YANKAdesigns
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by YANKAdesigns
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by YANKAdesigns
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Cute, cute ans cuter iPad cases from Zazzle

Hi! Sorry, I didn’t have much time recently, but here’s my new cute, sweet, somewhat childish post presenting fine selections of iPad cases from Zazze. This time I chose the designs of my Facebook friends, and if some of them weren’t featured, it’s only because they didn’t design this iPad case model yet (and if you did, and it was me, who was blind and tired, please, send me the link to your product, and I’ll be happy to add it here)!


by YANKAdesigns
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by Doodlesipadiphonefun
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by Rewards4life
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by MarianaEwaPattern
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by borianag
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by minx267
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by PLdesign
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by gravityx9
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by kazashiya
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by Rasayan
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by Godsblossom
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by iPhone_iPad_Case
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by silvianeto
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by AnimalHijinx
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by PicartBook
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“Blue peeling paint on wood” iphone 5 cover and friends – popular on Zazzle

Our “Old blue paint on wood” design becomes more and more popular on Zazzle, and we are very happy to sell many different products printed with this design. Still, there are many other gorgeous design and products on Zazzle that  somehow go unnoticed, and we feel that this is the right time to shine a little light on them.

by YANKAdesigns
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by samack
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by hildurbjorg
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by NancyTrippPhotoGifts
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by artblockcollections
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by GreatiPhone5Cases
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by EnKore
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by riverme
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by mohrhdphoto
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